Undergraduate Studies

In Undergraduate Studies, we support the intellectual engagement and pursuit of learning by all KU students throughout their undergraduate education, from orientation to graduation and beyond. As students develop their educational goals and career interests, we provide guidance, academic support, and ensure an accessible learning environment through advising, tutoring, first year experiences, undergraduate research, service learning and comprehensive career services.

Your support today of Undergraduate Studies will have a direct impact on the success and graduation of each and every undergraduate student at the University of Kansas.

Undergraduate students report working an average of 21+ hours per week. Students who work on campus in their area of academic interest are four times more likely to stay in school and graduate, as compared to their peers. Emerging Scholars allows students to earn as they learn by identifying incoming freshman, matching them with faculty mentors as first-year research assistants and paying them an hourly wage through the federal work-study program and other resources.

Engagement in Emerging Scholars has increased retention and progression of students through their degree programs at a comparable rate to all students.

Experiences beyond the classroom, such as internships, service learning, research or study abroad, have proven to enhance the student learning experience and help better prepare students for next steps. Funds to support student experiential learning at higher participation rates, especially for those coming from low-income and first-generation backgrounds, are essential.  Offering students financial support in this area can open up a world of opportunities and influence students’ decisions about choosing a specific academic and/or career path. Only 30 percent of students enter KU knowing their majors and 69 percent of students who graduate had an internship while attending KU.

Our goal is for every undergraduate student to engage in an experiential learning opportunity before graduation. 

Retention and completion grants are gaining momentum as we identify students who are in need of one-time financial assistance. These grants help with emergencies, unexpected shortfalls and other financial circumstances to help students enroll on time for the next semester, or to help to pay for their last semester so they’re able to complete their degree. These grants typically range from $500-$2,000 for a one-time distribution based on circumstances and need. KU has given out over $100,000 in the last two academic years around similar parameters.

These grants provide financial assistance to students who are experiencing educational financial obstacles that may be keeping them from enrolling or graduating.

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