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At the KU Natural History Museum, our 100 scientists and students study the vast life of the planet—its plants, animals and ecosystems, living and fossil, and its past cultures.  We turn our discoveries into smart forecasts for conserving endangered species and habitats, and for stopping the spread of pests and animal-borne diseases.  Our exhibits and education programs tell the fascinating stories revealed by this research.  Join us in our One Day. One KU campaign to stand up for smart science and hands-on science education at the Museum.



The Museum sends research expeditions to all continents and oceans—to census the frogs and birds of southeast Asia; to excavate the ancient fossils forests of Antarctica; to chronicle the rock art and horse cultures of Arabia and the Eurasian steppes; to record the flashing colors of bioluminescent fish in the Pacific; and to unearth a young T. rex from Cretaceous rocks in Montana, and a Jurassic beetle trapped in amber in Myanmar.  Help us explore, document and understand the biodiversity and archaeological cultures of the world.


Support our T. REX EXHIBIT

Funding from last year’s One Day. One KU. Campaign helped our paleontologists recover more of the young T. rex from Montana.  At 6 years old, this may be the youngest T. rex ever found.  Help us showcase and share this spectacular tyrannosaur skeleton in a new, exciting Museum exhibit for all to enjoy.



Eight limestone grotesques, perched on Dyche Hall, have watched over KU for the past 114 years.  In fall 2017, these iconic, mythical beasts were taken down and moved into the Museum to preserve them from further weathering. We’ve launched a project to re-carve and replace them on the Dyche Hall pedestals, as well as protect and exhibit the originals. The project will be led by local artists Karl and Laura Ramberg and KU architecture faculty Keith and Amy Van de Riet, who are combining traditional stonecraft with modern 3D imaging. We are only $20,000 short of our goal. Help us finish this important project today.

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