Research and Innovation

As the state's flagship university, we are tasked with advancing society through discovery and innovation. To accomplish that mission, KU Research advocates for research, implements research integrity requirements, and, through the KU Center for Research (KUCR), manages the administration of research grants and contracts. In addition, KU Research oversees all activities related to technology commercialization and business and industry outreach. We are proud of our research institutes and centers:

  • Achievement and Assessment Institute
    The Achievement & Assessment Institute exists to improve the performance of students, adults and public agencies throughout local, state and national communities.

  • Biodiversity Institute
    At the Biodiversity Institute, scientists study the planet's species and ecosystems to better understand and take care of Earth and predict changes in populations, threatened species, and the spread of disease.

  • Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis (CEBC)
    The CEBC mission is to invent cleaner, safer, energy-efficient technologies that protect the planet and human health.

  • Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS)
    The mission of CReSIS is to develop new technologies and computer models to measure and predict the response of sea level change to the mass balance of ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica. 

  • Hall Center for the Humanities
    The Hall Center's mission is to stimulate and support research in the humanities, arts and social sciences seeking to understand our past, present and future, our values and the issues we face as individuals and communities.

  • Higuchi Biosciences Center (HBC)
    The Higuchi Biosciences Center seeks to enhance the environment for interdisciplinary research in a large spectrum of areas, ranging from basic biomedical research, through drugs and vaccines design, to cancer and neurodegenerative diseases research.

  • Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC)
    The ITTC advances knowledge and creates innovative technologies in telecommunications, information systems, bioinformatics and radar. 

  • Institute for Bioengineering Research
    The IBER seeks to improve the lives of people by developing solutions that reduce human suffering.

  • Institute for Policy & Social Research (IPSR)
    The Institute for Policy & Social Research brings together social scientists and researchers who focus on social problems and policy-relevant questions.

  • Kansas Biological Survey (KBS)

    KBS is a nexus for natural sciences research, environmental mapping, conservation and education. Its scientists conduct research covering a broad spectrum of areas, including water, air and soil quality; land use; threatened and endangered species; and aquatic ecology and watersheds.

  • Kansas Geological Survey (KGS)
    KGS is charged by state statue to  “collect, correlate, preserve, and disseminate information leading to a better understanding of the geology of Kansas, with special emphasis on natural resources of economic value, water quality and quantity, and geologic hazards.”

  • Life Span Institute (LSI) The LSI brings together scientists from several academic departments to understand problems about human health and development, disabilities and aging, and to find impactful solutions that improve the lives of individuals from their genetic origins to their final stages of life.

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