Diversity & Equity

The Office of Diversity & Equity works to create a more representative, equitable, and inclusive KU; where greater fairness, care, and belonging are better integrated into our learning and workplace practices; and all have opportunities to meet their academic and professional goals. We strive to acknowledge our varied backgrounds, experiences, and cultures into the learning and engagement resources we provide. Please consider a gift to one of the following areas:


Diversity, Inclusion, Civility and Immigration Lecture Series Fund

The University of Kansas and our faculty, students and staff share a common vision of an educational and workplace environment that serves as a leading example of embracing inclusiveness. This connects with values of the Board of Regents to “foster a multicultural environment in which the dignity and rights of the individual are respected”, the Bold Aspirations' mission “to lift students and society by educating leaders, building healthy communities and making discoveries that change the world” and the university’s Diversity and Equity commitment “to create a more representative, equitable, and inclusive KU.” A group of KU Distinguished Professors recently started a fund to support activities contributing to these highly esteemed values, which received a strong participation from many of their colleagues. The fund is being expanded now with this opportunity to include all members of our community to help create a series of lectures by nationally renowned speakers on issues related to diversity, inclusion, civility and immigration. These efforts are generously boosted by a dollar-for-dollar match provided by Dr. Val Stella.


Jayhawk Student One Stop (SOS)

Jayhawk SOS is committed to assuring that every student has the opportunity to be successful at the University of Kansas. A resource for students experiencing unforeseen challenges, Jayhawk SOS provides personalized support to help navigate campus administrative processes and assist students in attaining their academic goals. Your gift has a meaningful impact on this program and the students who benefit from it.


With your help, we can continue fostering diversity, equity and inclusion practices and policies in classrooms, residence halls, social spaces, offices, laboratories, and every other place at KU where our students, faculty members, and staff live, work, research, and learn.

Dr. Val Stella Match for Diversity & Equity
In support of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at the University of Kansas, Dr. Val Stella has generously offered to match dollar for dollar the first $10,000 in gifts to the Diversity, Inclusion, Civility and Immigration Lecture Series Fund. Double the impact of your gift today!
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