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For over 47 years Audio-Reader has provided access to information for people who have difficulty reading standard print due to vision loss, physical or learning disability, mobility challenges, and age.

Audio-Reader connects thousands of listeners with their communities across Kansas and Missouri through daily broadcasts and recordings of local and regional newspapers, magazines, books and more. Listeners can access services through a closed-circuit radio, over the phone, on the internet, through smartphone apps and now Amazon Alexa smart speakers. With a team of over 400 volunteers, Audio-Reader’s services are available, for free, 24/7, 365 days of the year.

It is because of the support Audio-Reader has received over the last 47 years that has allowed us to become an award-winning and one of the premier audio information services in the country. Thousands of listeners have come to depend on Audio-Reader providing these vital services every single day. And now, more than ever, Audio-Reader counts on support from friends like you to continue providing these services.

Your gift will go toward costs associated with:

  • Hundreds of newspaper and magazine subscriptions
  • Equipment necessary for listeners to access Audio-Reader
  • Equipment necessary for daily broadcasts and recordings
  • Making content available to listeners 24/7

​Your gift will directly impact the lives of listeners who have shared their stories with us: 

Blindness threw me into the dark ages. I used to live an active life and I didn’t know how to stay in touch with the world. Finding Audio-Reader was life-giving to me! It is an avenue for me to stay in touch with the world. I have been resuscitated and I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing without it.”                                                   
            - Teresa B.

“For me, Audio-Reader is the equivalent of freedom. It allows me to read and get the same information that folks who are sighted get. It allows me to get information quickly and on the run. It gives me confidence to talk with my clients and it gives my clients confidence that I know what I’m talking about.”    
- William H.

“I would be lost without Audio-Reader; it is so important to me. People don’t realize how much Multiple Sclerosis can take from you. To me, having MS, you can’t go without hope because then you are giving up. Audio-Reader is a hope and an angel toward me.”  
- Marci T.

“I wish everyone would realize how important access to information is. Having access to information shapes you as a person. It shapes the quality of your life; it shapes the way that you think. And Audio-Reader has given that to me.”     
- Dr. Kimberly M.

Joe Hewitt Memorial Match
In memory of Joe Hewitt, the Hewitt Family has generously agreed to match dollar for dollar the first $5,000 in gifts to Audio-Reader. Double the impact of your gift today!
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Audio-Reader Development Committee Challenge
Challenge unlocked! Thanks to the Audio-Reader Development Committee, an additional $1,000 has been unlocked to support this important reading and information service for blind, visually impaired, and print disabled individuals.
10 / 10 Gifts
The Reader's Match
Janis Hutchinson will match the first $100 in honor of our volunteers and listeners.
Austin Family Challenge
Challenge unlocked! Thanks to the Austin Family, an additional $250 has been contributed to Audio-Reader.
10 / 10 Gifts
Mark & Sandra Praeger Match
Dr. Mark & Sandra Praeger will match the first $250 in gifts to Audio-Reader. Double the impact of your gift today!
Facebook Contest
Congrats to Facebook contest winners Shelli Rettig, Mary Smarsh Edwards, Brandy Edwards, Jacy J. Hurst and Dee Dee Griffith Barratt! An additional $500 has been contributed to KU!
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Congrats to Donovan Miller, Roy Ricaldi and Jake Reitz, winners of this year's Instragram challenge!
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