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Life Span Institute
Imagining a Better Future through Addiction Research, Training and Outreach

At the Cofrin Logan Center for Addiction Research and Treatment, we are focused on potential. We believe that by combining research, training and outreach, we can make the greatest impact on the lives of people affected by addiction. We explore the roots of addictive behaviors, and seek to discover ways to prevent addiction and support those who seek help. We educate and mentor the next generation of scientists and clinicians in our field. We offer addiction programs through community partnerships, and we bring art and creativity into therapy settings. Through greater understanding and education, we also seek to reduce stigma. 

Taken together, our work positions us to change people's lives. 

A part of the KU Life Span Institute, the Cofrin Logan Center was established in 2018 at a time when the opioid crisis brought attention to the effects of addiction on individuals, families and communities. Today, the pandemic has only heightened the need to better understand and treat addiction in its many forms, as the stress, isolation and grief many people have endured in the past year has led to an increase in addiction-related suffering. 

We invite you to join us in our efforts. Please support the Cofrin Logan Center for Addiction Research and Treatment and help us imagine a better future through research, training and outreach.

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Cofrin-Logan 2:1 Match for the Life Span Institute
For every gift to the Life Span Institute or its research centers, Gladys Cofrin and Dr. Daniel Logan will donate twice that amount, up to $10,000, to the Cofrin Logan Center for Addiction Research and Treatment. This 2-to-1 match will enhance and multiply the benefits of your gift!
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