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College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

As the Heart of KU, the College is made up of people who are committed to making the world a better place. Our faculty, students and alumni are seeking answers to big questions. Addiction, climate change, inequity and discrimination, cancer, community well-being, the universe.

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences plays a unique role in looking at these challenges, from perspectives across our disciplines of sciences, arts, humanities, social and behavioral studies, and international studies. It’s where those disciplines meet and share ideas where the most innovative ideas will be found. This collaboration will deliver meaningful results in making our world, our community and our society a better place.

We invite you to support the College through two opportunities that will benefit the work of our faculty and students:

    The Student Support Fund allows us to support students’ emergency needs stemming from COVID-19-related challenges. 

    The Carr Challenge for Faculty Support will benefit research and teaching in the College. Providing funding and support for materials, travel and more. The Carrs have pledged $100,000 for the Carr Professorship Molecular Biosciences or Carr Research Award. Additionally, any matching grants will benefit a general fund that will award faculty in departments across the College.

KU Alumni Network Giving
Our alumni networks in Chicago, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Denver, Greater Kansas City, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, St. Louis, Washington D.C. and Wichita are showing their Jayhawk pride today. Let your fellow local KU alumni know to make their gift today!
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1 Greater Kansas City 428
2 Wichita 65
3 Denver 44
4 Washington D.C 39
5 New York 29
6 Chicago 27
7 Dallas 20
8 Houston 18
9 Los Angeles 17
10 St. Louis 16
11 San Francisco 15
12 Phoenix 14
13 Colorado Springs 6
Advisory Board Match for College Student Support
Match met! Thank you to our College Advisory Board members and wonderful donors.
$8,000 MATCHED
Dr. Daniel Carr Match for College Faculty Support
In support of the incredible faculty within the Heart of KU, Dr. Daniel Carr will match all gifts in support of faculty in the College, up to $100,000.
$6,960 MATCHED
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