Kansas Geological Survey

The Kansas Geological Survey (KGS) studies and provides information about geologic resources in Kansas. Its scientists monitor earthquakes and groundwater levels, investigate water-quality concerns, map the state’s surface geology and provide educational resources to the public.

Your gift on One Day. One KU. has a meaningful impact on KGS research, education and service. Please consider a gift to one of the following funding priorities:

Support earth science teaching toolkits

Thanks to a generous donation of rock samples from across the United States, KGS is developing a free resource for earth science teachers in Kansas. The rock identification kits include lesson plans and activities for K-12 classrooms that align with the National Science Education Standards. Educators will also have the opportunity to attend professional development workshops to learn how to use the kits. Help us build these free resources for Kansas teachers.



Support the Watney Core Lab

The Kansas Geological Survey is the state archive for more than 65,000 boxes of core. These cylindrical rock samples obtained through drilling represent a “deep time library” of information that helps us understand Earth’s history, including changes in climate, aquifers, and natural resources. Gifts to the Watney Core Lab – named in memory of beloved KGS scientist W. Lynn Watney – support continued research and outreach through the purchase of new lab equipment, including a core plug drill press, black lights, a core scanner and a forklift.

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