College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

As the Heart of KU, the College is made up of people who are committed to making the world a better place. Our faculty, students and alumni are seeking answers to big questions. Addiction, climate change, inequity and discrimination, cancer, community well-being, the universe.

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences plays a unique role in looking at these challenges, from perspectives across our disciplines of sciences, arts, humanities, social and behavioral studies, and international studies. It’s where those disciplines meet and share ideas where the most innovative ideas will be found. This collaboration will deliver meaningful results in making our world, our community and our society a better place.

We invite you to support the College through two opportunities that support the work of our faculty and students to make discoveries: 

  • The Research Excellence Initiative is the signature initiative of the College and provides both faculty and students a chance to advance discovery. This program offers competitive grants to support faculty research and student participation in those projects. The Research Excellence Initiative enhances a College education for our students with hands-on learning experiences while also supporting some of KU’s best faculty. 

  • The College’s Opportunity Fund allows us to support innovative ideas that need a kickstart. The opportunity fund has supported new initiatives such as our Faculty Mentor Program to pair students with faculty mentors to guide them to stronger academic success.  

Research Excellence Initiative Match
To help Jayhawks in the College discover the transformative power of research, members of the College Board of Advisors will match all gifts to the Research Excellence Initiative, up to $20,000!
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College Opportunity Fund Challenge
Challenge unlocked! An additional $5,000 has been contributed to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Opportunity Fund.
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