Kansas Jayhawk fans are among the most passionate in all of sports. There is no place like GAMEDAY where our uniquely shared passion and tradition collide, creating an electric atmosphere to drive OUR team to victory!


The next time you gather with friends, family and colleagues to cheer on the Crimson and Blue, understand you are also directly impacting the personal lives of over 500 student-athletes while building a culture for the next generation of Jayhawks. Not only does your attendance and energy help propel the student-athletes and their teams in competition, but your financial support fuels their future.


As the cost of education continues to rise, Kansas Athletics asks for your commitment as we collectively work toward our goal of $15.5 million in scholarships for student-athletes.


By sharing your energy on gameday AND investing in the development of the student-athletes, you can help shape the future.  No matter the size of gift or where you Wave the Wheat, YOU make the difference!


Thank you.


*All "One Day. One KU." donations are 100% tax deductible and do not qualify for priority points.

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